Stanwick Group of Churches

Giving to our parishes and the benefice

Individual Parishes

The parishes hope to introduce online giving from this website soon but in the meantime donations can be made by internet bank transfer to the following accounts:

  • St Paul’s church, Aldbrough St John
    The account is in the name of "Aldbrough St John PCC"
    Sort code 40 19 03
    Account number 30784621
    Make a donation to St Paul's with a card here
  • or see details of making a regular donation via Parish Giving Scheme.
  • St Cuthbert’s church, Forcett
    The account is in the name of "Forcett Parochial church council "
    Sort code 52-30-18
    Account number 05003733
  • or see details of making a regular donatione via Parish Giving Scheme.
  • Church of St James the Great, Melsonby
    The account is in the name of "PCC of Melsonby"
    Sort Code: 40-52-40
    Account Number: 00010925
  • or see details of making a regular donatione via Parish Giving Scheme

The three parishes are classed as registered charities and so eligible to claim Gift Aid. If you are a UK tax payer, by completing and returning this Gift Aid form to us we are able to reclaim the tax that you have already paid on this amount from HMRC. This increases its value by another 25%

Please also see our page about the Parish Giving Scheme if you would be interested in making a regular contribution. Our Treasurers all highly commend this scheme as a means of guaranteeing them a regular income and simplifying the collection of Gift Aid for them.

Benefice Accounts

If you would prefer to give to the whole benefice then we have an account to which you can contribute but as a 'benefice' is not classed as a legal entity, it cannot be a registered charity and so is unable to claim Gift Aid. The benefice account details are:

  • Stanwick Group of Churches
    The account is in the name of "The Stanwick Group of Churches"
    Sort code 52-30-18
    Account number 05034361

This account is used for expenditure which benefits the whole benefice such as priest's working expenses and the choir. There is a fund within this account specifically to pay for choir training carried out by Chris Denton. Music is also purchased from this account.

  • Stanwick Group of Churches Charities Fund
    The account is in the name of "Stanwick Group of Churches Charities Fund"
    Sort code  52-30-18
    Account number  94171696

This account receives the collection plate at services held on the fifth Sunday of the month, from occasional fund-raising events and from the Community Christmas Card sent with the December edition of The Parish Church and Community magazine (50% of these proceeds).

An annual distribution is made to a small group of charities selected at a meeting of the Rector and church officers. The group aims to ensure a good spread of different causes in its choice of charities.

Like the main benefice account, this account does not qualify for Gift Aid, neither do the donations made from it so it may be more beneficial to give directly to a charity rather than vis the SGCCF.if you are a UK tax payer.

Thank you. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


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