Stanwick Group of Churches

August 2019 letter

“Go for it, James”  … and he did!

July’s magazine mentioned St James, as his feast day was on the 25th, and we had a great Summer Fest in Melsonby in the Church of St James the Great.  (Why great?  So he is not confused with James the Less !).  Matthew’s gospel records that Jesus said “Come, and help me as fishers of men….” and James not only abandoned his nets but also his Dad, Zebedee, making James the Ultimate Volunteer, if slightly reckless.

Even in our busy lives, there is still time and considerable enjoyment in a bit of volunteering.  Don’t abandon your Dad, but have you considered lending a hand somewhere, somehow?  We enjoy “community activities” around the villages, but they can only operate with willing volunteers who can lend a little time, talent and energy.  Consider:

Aldbrough Feast

Charity Shop

Speed Gun

Sports Day

Sick visitor

Church Cleaner


School Governor

Summer Fest

Produce Show



…to name but a few.  As volunteers age, they need to find young blood and energy to support their causes. There is the question of work-life balance, of course, and a check on priorities, but if you can, give volunteering a go and feel the benefit.  James had no clue what Jesus was asking him to do, but somehow he was moved to help at the age of 30.  Emulate St James the Great…. Go for it!

Ian Black
Melsonby Churchwarden

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