There are 17 photo albums.

Our Pet Service 15 July 2018
We held our first Pet Service on 12 July on the village green in Eppleby and lots of people brought their dogs along. Some brought photos of their cats and there was one stick insect. Here are some pictures from the service.

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Melsonby Garden Fete 2018
Some of the stalls and activities on a gloriously hot, sunny day while England were playing Sweden in the World Cup Quarter Finals (and winning!)

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Lambing Service 22 April 2018
A 'Harvest festival' for sheep farmers at which prayers were said for sheep andt those who care for them. Daphne, a new lamb, with mother Bonny were outside in a trailer and Daphne was brought in for a final blessing and to meet the congregation.

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Clergy Hierarchy
Our Diocesan Bishop, Area Bishop, Archdeacon, Area Dean and Priest

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Melsonby Christmas Tree Festival
Pictures of the trees and the church during the Melsonby Christmas Tree Festival 2017

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Caldwell Chapel
Shortly before Caldwell Chapel closed permanently on 31 July 2016, an extensive photographic record was made of it. This album contains a selection of those photogroaphs.

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St James Building Project
The official launch of the project on 10 December 2015

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Learning about a church
Children from Eppleby/Forcett CE Primary School visit St Cuthbert's to learn about the different parts of the building and things in it.

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The Smithson Helm and Gauntlet
The funerary helm and gauntlets of the first Sir Hugh Smithson now in the Royal Armories at Leeds. a replica set hangs in the church at Stanwick.

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Forcett Parish Lunch
On 26 October 2014, Forcett parish held a fund-rising Sunday lunch in Eppleby village hall.
It was a very popular event and this pictures show why.

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St James Mission School,
The Mission is near Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. It houses a girls' secondary school which is one of the best in the country along with primary and pre-schools and a clinic serving the local population.

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Stanwick St John
This church is historically referred to in this way rather than 'St John's, Stanwick'. The 'St John' of Aldbrough was only added in the 1920s to differentiate it from other villages with similar names.

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The simple chapel of St Hilda at Caldwell only got its dedication in the late twentieth century.

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East Layton
Photos of East Layton

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Forcett Church and activities

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Photographs of Melsonby and activities there

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The church and church activities in Aldbrough

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