Stanwick Group of Churches

Holy Communion for Ordinary Time

Zoom services ID is 444-186-6493 and the password is 2406. Go to thiis Zoom page and put them in to join the meeting.

Click on the service sheet image to see it in single, portrait orientation, pages which is easier to follow on screen, or print out as separate pages.

The service sheet for Holy Commumion to give you the service to print off in booklet form i.e pages 1 &  8, 2 & 7 etc together in landscape orientation. is here.

For Sunday 5 July here are the hymns and readings.

The service sheet, hymns and readings all open in new windows so you can leave them open and click between them as needed during the service.

In our normal service rotation this Sunday's principal Holy Communion service would have been at Melsonby so we include a picture of the church of St James the Great.

If you know someone who may like to join these services but does not have internet access, it can be linked by telephone, landline or mobile. Please print off a copy of these  instructions and pass it on to them.

For younger members or the family:

An activity sheet for KS2 children

A colouring sheet for KS1 children

Family time activities om today's theme.

Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)

All churches are having a particularly hard time at present with the loss of colections at regular services and the inability to hold weddings and funerals at all.

If you have been wondering what to do about your usual gifts, probably also Gift Aided, to your church, please have a look at the Church of England's now preferred method of regular giving, the Parish Giving Scheme.

We have also put a more locally focussed page about it here on our website. It has the church details that you will need when you register with PGS.





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