Stanwick Group of Churches

Church Services at this time

Sunday 13 June - 2nd after TrinityWe move onto an almost post pandemic service pattern in June.

There will be said Morning Worship at 9.00am from the Rectory on Zoom.

Here are the order of service, and the hymns  and readings

At 10.30am there will be a service of Holy Communion at St Paul's, Aldbrough with the choir singing the hymns.

In lieu of the church collection plate, please look at joining the Parish Giving Scheme. Details below.


Using Zoom for Church Services

If you have not yet joined a service using Zoom, you can either join the invitations list by contacting Rev. Camilla to let her know you want to join. (You will need to give her your email addess in this email) or you can log in using  the meeting ID 444-186-6493 and password 2406. Open up this Zoom website and put in these details. If it doesn't say 'Join a Meeting' prominently in the centre of the screen, check the menus at the top for 'Join a Meeting'. It will help if your name shows on your log in. To do this click on the 3 small dots in the top right corner of your picture and select the tab on the small drop down menu that appears.

Nightly Deanery Compline 

This link takes you to a page with details of and links to these services.


If you are concerned that you have not been giving to the church via the collection plate at Zoom services, and would like to make a regular contribution to your own church (or churches), please consider joining the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS}. See below the service details or here for more information.

We are currently having problems with our recently set-up online giving page. If you would like to make a donation by internet bank transfer, please go to our Giving to the Parishes and Benefice page.

Private Prayer in church

Aldbrough is now open for private prayer. Please follow the Covid procedures to keep everyone safe.

Stanwick St John is also open for private prayer. Please note that there is no hand sanitiser or other special precautions in place here but it is well ventilated.

Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)

The Church of England values the vital financial contributions its congregations make to its work but recognises that the way people deal with money - especially cash -  is changing.

If you have been wondering what to do about your usual gifts to your church given during the collection, please have a look at the Church of England's now preferred method of regular giving, the Parish Giving Scheme. The use of online and contactless payments is also being encouraged for occasional donations.

We have also put a more locally focussed page about it here on our website. It has the church details that you will need when you register with PGS.

Thank you for your support.

For younger members of the family this week:

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