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Community Harvest Festival Celebration

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival celebrations this year will be on Sunday 4 October and will, of course, be somewhat different from those of previous years.

There will be a live service but this will be at the ‘normal’ 10.30am Holy Communion at Forcett and space will be strictly limited due to the Covid-19 precautions.

The community Harvest Festival will be at Stanwick St John and take the form of a walk-through Harvest Celebration at the church from 2.00 to 4.00pm.

It will also be an opportunity to donate items for the Storehouse foodbank at Richmond and raise funds for the Churches Conservation Trust, who care for this church, and The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, a charity that supports farmers in difficulty.

To offer a display

During lockdown there have been some really creative and imaginative art and craft projects in our villages and this Harvest celebration offers another opportunity for you to put on a show.

For the Community Harvest Celebration you are invited to make a table-top display on a theme with a Harvest connection. That could be harvest, farming, food, creation, the environment, local history…. You get the idea. Be imaginative.

To submit a display, please fill in this form or you can download and print a paper copy.

Photo show

There will also be a rolling display of Harvest photographs - old and new.

You are also invited to send in digital photos with a ‘Harvest’ related theme. They will be displayed on a screen. as a running display throughout the afternoon. If you have the photos but only in printed form, please contact Janet Hall to arrange to scan them. (This will also make it possible for you to have additional copies in the future)

Please let us know here if you would like to submit digital files of photos and we will send you the email address to send them to. They cannot be attached to email messages coming from this site.

Children’s Art

Local children can send in their own drawings or paintings about harvest or farming or growing things or saying ‘Thank you’, for their special place in this Festival. Please send (or take) them by 21 September to Gail Smith, Daleview , Jagger Lane, Melsonby, DL10 5PP. You can also leave them in the labelled boxes at Epy shop, Aldbrough church porch or Melsonby phonebox info centre.



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