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Melsonby History DVD

"Melsonby….a History”   : new DVD released

The team working towards the provision of toilets in Melsonby St James Church have launched an intriguing DVD on the village history and personalities which includes some great aerial shots of the church and village. Here is a short extract.

The two oldest inhabitants of the village were invited to tell their story, as were other villagers linked to the Methodist Chapel, the Old Rectory, the garage business, a former turnpike cottage, the school including historical work and their end-of term service.   Links to Gilbert Hird’s history files on the internet were made, and local organist Mike Moran played the organ and read Gilbert’s story.

The pub-goers were featured showing darts and 5s and 3s, and the quoits team demonstrated their technique on the village green.  The owner of the local racing stables talked of his involvement with the village. 

The producers were fortunate that the Chief of the Defence Staff, Gen Sir Nick Houghton, who lives in the village, agreed to be interviewed for the introduction.  He even used our catch-phrase:  "800 years without a loo" !!

The whole of  the selling price, £10, goes directly to the St James Building Project.

Copies are available from:

Barton Village Shop,

Ian Black (01325 718 188)


or email requests to dvd@dunelmvideo.com

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