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Barnsley Youth Choir

The Barnsley Youth Choir stopped off in Richmond on Monday 6 August to give a preview performanceof their shor for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in St Mary's, Richmond but in aid of the Melsonby St James' Building Project aka the 'Flush Fund'

It was a lunch time concert so there was some concern as to whether people would turn out or prefer the delights of Richmond's coffee shops, castle and The Station but, happily, the church was nearly full.

The choir, under the direction of Mat Wright, son-in-law of Melsonby Churchwarden Ian Black, gave a stunning performance to a delighted audience. The programme was varied from ethereal religious music to pop songs to spirituals to a superbly jolly arrangement of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah.

All this was sung from memory and in multi-part arrangements.

The choir began by encircling the church standing down the north and south aisles and across the chancel and the west end with no one being next to someone singing the same voice part. The sound effect of this was incredibleand the audience knew at once they were in for a great show. Subsequent comments on social media about their performances in Edinburgh indicate that they too were bowled over by this group of 80 or so young singers.

As well as tickets sales there was the ubiquitous raffle and thanks from the team at Melsonby to all the generous donors of raffle prizes, and collecting buckets for any loose change anyone had to ahnd.

The result of the day was over £2500 into the Flush Fund. That toilet is definitely getting closer but the Melsonby PCC is supposed to have started the work before the end of the year or the faculty (C of E equivalent of planning permission) will expire. If you can help them out with a donation, please see here.

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